Creating Futures

Tools we developed

Tools for integrated spatial planning developed by the Creating Futures project include:

  1. WISE - Spatial Decision Support System
  2. Waikato Scenarios
  3. Deliberation Matrix


These are tools and processes used for exploring, evaluating, deliberating and choosing alternative futures towards sustainability.


 1.  WISE - Spatial Decision Support System

WISE – Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer is a spatial model or spatial decision support system (SDSS) for the Waikato Region. A SDSS helps users explore alternative futures by combining knowledge, data, and models in a flexible and easy-to-use manner. A good SDSS will support different decision making styles and adapt over time to the needs of the particular user through interactive and iterative processes.
Spatial modeling is designed to help examine weakly-structured or unstructured problems. Whereas structured problems are tractable and understandable and often have a single, optimal solution, weakly- or unstructured problems are characterised by high levels of uncertainty, potential conflicts, or both. Many complex issues facing society today lack a single, objective solution and therefore qualify as weakly-structured or unstructured problems.
SDSS's that integrate data across the four well beings in a way that allows exploring the impacts of alternative futures for spatial planning. This tool will allow evaluating proposed policies in an integrated and spatially explicit way, to undertake "what-if" testing of proposed developments and to identify trade-offs between the economy and the environment, across space and over time.


 2. Waikato Scenarios

Scenarios are plausible stories about the future. They are stories that are real enough - that is, sufficiently based on the trends and changes that we see happening now - to mean that they not only could possibly happen, but could plausibly happen. Four scenarios have been created for the Waikato. 


 3. Deliberation Matrix

Deliberation Matrix: The Deliberation Matrix is a community process tool that allows stakeholder groups to evaluate the outcomes of policy decision and deliberate the suitability of these outcomes from their perspective. The Deliberation Matrix is being applied to the local government process in New Zealand to see if it can be applied in a way that adds value to both the decisions that are made and the involvement of the community in decision making processes. Read more about the deliberation process used for Creating Futures.