Creating Futures

WISE: Waikato Integrated Senario Explorer

The purpose of the recently completed ‘Creating Futures’ research programme was to develop tools for integrated spatial planning and decision-making.  The Government-funded innovative work was led by the Waikato Regional Council in collaboration with an interdisciplinary multi-agency research team.  The Waikato Regional Council is now advancing the practical application and further enhancement of these tools. In particular, the regional computer simulation model WISE is evaluated for its use in Council’s planning and decision-making processes.

Waikato Reference Scenario

The Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer (WISE) is a dynamic, spatially-explicit computer simulation model that integrates economic, demographic, environmental (climate, hydrology, water quality, biodiversity) and land use (suitability, accessibility, local influence, zoning) information to assess the effects and trade-offs of alternative future development scenarios or the consequences of policy options. The modular platform used to build WISE is transferable to other locations or regions. Similar models are currently developed for Auckland and Wellington (

A short video about the spatial planning tool WISE, the Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer, has been released. Click here to view...

What’s New

Scenarios to Support Future Proof Review

WISE V1.4 is currently being used to explore a range of scenarios with Councils involved in the review of Future Proof (Hamilton City Council, Waikato District Council and Waipa District Council). Scenario planning and then exploration of key scenarios in WISE is being used to help these Councils review some of their strategic thinking and policy... >>

Waikato Demographic and Economic Projections

WISE V1.4 has been used in a project to develop land use, demographic and economic projections for the Waikato Region (2013-2063). Projections include land use change, population dynamics (population, household, labour force) and economic development (value-added, employment). The results of the project are provided in a Technical Report that outlines the process and resulting data for... >>

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