Creating Futures

Waikato Population and Economic Projections

June 2016

The Waikato Projections are a consistent and defendable  set of future projections of demographic and economic indicators by the territorial authories in the Waikato to assist in their long term planning. The projected indicators provided through this work are Land Use, Population, Households, Workforce, Employment, Value Added. Data for these indicators is provided at a territorial and statistical area level 2 (SA2) scale.

The development of the Waikato Projections and the ability to scale down to a SA2 level is dependant on the future land use projections modelled in WISE. These future land use projections, based on the Reference Scenario, are follow on modelling to down-scale to SA2 level.

The current projection data is from 2013 to 2061, these projections will be revised this year to a 2018 start date based on data from the most recent census.

To out more about these projections and progress on thier update go to the Waikato Projections section of this website.