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WISE Version 1.6

An upgrade of the WISE model is being undertaken during 2019/2020.

Following on from improvements in V1.5 the new version (V1.6) will have a number of other improvements. These include:

  • New modelling start date of 2018 and includes an updates starting land use map for 2018
  • Up-to-date zoning and growth strategy information for the regional territorial authorities
  • A new population model and updated economic model
  • Updated population projection data, economic data, and future roading networks
  • Increased functionality with a new indicators tool.

The model update is progressing well and Version1.6 is expected to be available for download from July 2020.

The updated WISE will be used to support the development of the 2018 Waikato Projections


Waikato Projections - Working Group

Work is underway to update the 2013 Waikato Projections. These projections provided a consistent set of data across the Waikato Region for plan and strategy development.

The new 2018 projections will be based on 2018 census results and an updated land use for the Waikato Region. The project is awaiting the release of required data from Stats NZ to allow modelling to begin. These updated projections are expected to be available from late 2020.

To keep up with planning for the next set of Waikato Projections see the Working Group Page


2018 Land Use Layer for Waikato Region

A new spatial layer (raster) of land use across the Waikato Region in 2018 has been developed. This layer will be a key part of the update of the WISE model to V1.5 in mid-2020.

The 2018 land use layer was derived based on an analysis of several data set including: Land Cover Database (LCDB4), Regional Property Valuation database, and Agribase. A validation process of inital land use outputs was undertaken with staff from the regional territorial authorities.

The 2018 land use layer is a key part of the WISE update to V1.5. It allows the new version to have a modelling starting date of 2018 (previoulsy 2013).

After meeting the internal requirements at WRC for 'corporate dataset' this land use layer will also be available in the near future for other regional or local projects.




DSS Web Directory Update

A web based directory of decision support systems (DSS’s) was created in 2012 through an Envirolink Tools project. This directory is now being reviewed and updated as part of another Envirolink Tools project. The aim of this project is to add more DSS tools to the directory and relevant case studies to keep the directory current and make it more useful for council staff as a reference resource. WISE is one of the DSS’s listed in this directory.  To find out more <Click Here>