Creating Futures


Available Publications are presented for the three tools, plus some general project resources:


 Scenario Publications

Scenarios and Scanning - A Refresher

Waikato Scenarios - Summary

Waikato Scenarios - Full report

Waikato Scenarios - Validation Workshop

Narrative stories about each sceanrio:


 WISE Publications

WISE Training Manual - Workshop 1 (April 2012)

WISE User Manual Version 1.2.0 (January 2012)

WISE Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer Technical specifications Version 1.6

Integrated Spatial Planning. Geomatica Special Issue, Vol.65, No.3, pp.9-14 (2011)

Lessons learnt in the development, implementation and use of Integrated Spatial Decision Support Systems, MODSIM 2009 


 Deliberation Publications

Informing decision-making through deliberative approaches: a procedural guideline (June 2011)

Deliberation and social learning - REEDS paper (Nov 2010)

Deliberation Matrix Tool (2007) 


 Creating Futures Project Publications

Project Summary 2010

Regional policy development processes: Opportunities for the use of Creating Futures tools (2010)

Development of an integrated spatial decision support system (ISDSS) for Local Government in NZ, MODSIM 2009