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Projections Working Group

The Waikato Projections - Working group

The Waikato Projections Working Group consists of staff representatives from all the District councils and Waikato Regional Council. It also includes representation from District Health Board and Waikato's Regional Transport Model.

The purpose of the Working Group is to plan and implement a process to provide a regionally consistent set of future population and economic projections for the Waikato based on the upcoming 2018 census so that they met the needs of individual councils for their work in preparing thier next LTP (2021) and other planning/strategies (Urban Growth - NPS).


Update report to Future Proof (13 June 2018) and Regional Planning Managers (25 May 2018)


Meeting and Workshop Reports

The following is a record of the minutes and materials presented at the Waikato Projection working group workshops.

31st July 2018

Meeting Notes


Revised Proposal for Population & Household Projections (University of Waikato, Michael Cameron, August 2018  


26th March 2018

Meeting Notes 


Waikato Projection Working Group - Proposal for Populatiopn & Household projections (University of Waikato, Michael Cameron, March 2018)


 22nd September 2017

Meeting Notes

Projections-Data-Needs-Issues-and-Options-Summary-Sept 2017


29th March 2017



Waikato-ProjectionsNotes-workshop-29-Mar-2017.docx Waipa_2050


20th December 2016

List-of-improvements-to-WISE-and-outputs-of-Population-and-Land-Use-ProjectionsDec2016.docx Notes-workshop-20-Dec-2106.docx


PopulationProjectionsUoWStatsNZComparisonDec2016.xlsx 22_Sept_17


10th November 2016



Projections process.pdf

Waikato projections overview.pdf