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Opportunities to use WISE

WISE as the name suggest is a tool that allows you to explore scenarios.  The benefits and processes for exploring scenarios are widely published and available online.

Exploring scenarios and taking a future focused approach to policy and strategy development provides a basis for better community invovlement and engagement in the process and the development of more robust and enduring policies and plans. 

Taking a scenario exploration approach can avoid the pit-falls of being to focused on the current 'urgent' issues that are right infront of you and not considereing in enough detail the emerging issues or unintended consequences of some policy options.

WISE has already been applied to a number of case studies withn the Waikato Region.

The opportunities for using WISE are numerous as it allow many parameters in the system to be altered allowing for scenarios from the probable to the possible to be explored.

The WISE model is a regional scale model which allow for region wide schenarios to be explored. However, the model can also be used to assess sub-regional scenarios, such as changes in land use within a catchment, or changes to policies at one or more districts. To provide you with a feel for the range of opportuntities for scenario exploration in WISe that may be of interest to you a list a possible scenarios that could be esplored in WISE at both a regional and local scale are provided.


Regional Scenario Opportunities



Local Scenario Opportunties


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