Creating Futures


Available Publications are presented for the three tools, plus some general project resources:


 Scenario Publications

Scenarios and Scanning - A Refresher

Waikato Scenarios - Summary

Waikato Scenarios - Full report

Waikato Scenarios - Validation Workshop

Narrative stories about each sceanrio:


 WISE Publications

WISE Training Manual - Workshop 1 (April 2012)

WISE User Manual Version 1.6 (September 2022)

WISE Waikato Integrated Scenario Explorer Technical specifications Version 1.6

Integrated Spatial Planning. Geomatica Special Issue, Vol.65, No.3, pp.9-14 (2011)

Lessons learnt in the development, implementation and use of Integrated Spatial Decision Support Systems, MODSIM 2009 

WISE model update to version 1.6, reference scenario and Waikato land use projections (TA and SA2 level) 2018 to 2068


 Deliberation Publications

Informing decision-making through deliberative approaches: a procedural guideline (June 2011)

Deliberation and social learning - REEDS paper (Nov 2010)

Deliberation Matrix Tool (2007) 


 Creating Futures Project Publications

Project Summary 2010

Regional policy development processes: Opportunities for the use of Creating Futures tools (2010)

Development of an integrated spatial decision support system (ISDSS) for Local Government in NZ, MODSIM 2009