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2018 Land Use Layer for Waikato Region

10 Nov, 2019

A new spatial layer (raster) of land use across the Waikato Region in 2018 has been developed. This layer will be a key part of the update of the WISE model to V1.5 in mid-2020.

The 2018 land use layer was derived based on an analysis of several data set including: Land Cover Database (LCDB4), Regional Property Valuation database, and Agribase. A validation process of inital land use outputs was undertaken with staff from the regional territorial authorities.

The 2018 land use layer is a key part of the WISE update to V1.5. It allows the new version to have a modelling starting date of 2018 (previoulsy 2013).

After meeting the internal requirements at WRC for 'corporate dataset' this land use layer will also be available in the near future for other regional or local projects.