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Coastal Inundation - Hauraki Plains

July 2019

The Regional Hazards team at Waikato Regional Council have developed an inundation model to better understand the extent and implications of coastal inundation that might occur in future as result of sea level rise and increased storm events.

The results of this modelling were spatially overlain with current and projected future land use result from WISE.

Analysis Undertaken:


Key Findings:



Land use (at 2060) Area impacted at 3000 mm (ha) Area impacted at 3600 mm (ha) Area impacted at 5000 mm (ha)
Lifestyle 415 472 569
Low Density Residential 126 157 231
Commercial 49 50 64
Manufacturing 65 82 119
Community Services 70 90 115
Airport 30 30 30


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Next Steps:

The real power of WISE as a scenario tool would come from modelling possible adaptation strategies. WISE could model a number of adaptation strategies to help better understand the requirements and options for more resilient land use in these areas.